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BonusCodePoker | January 26, 2020.

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Parody Poker News Archives - BonusCodePoker

BonusCodePoker Snubbed By Global Poker Awards For 6th Straight Year!

January 24, 2020 |

Well, it happened again. BonusCodePoker, the legendary poker satire site beloved by millions, has been snubbed by the Global Poker Awards for a sixth straight year.

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Backers Sue Poker Pro James Hopkins Over Failed Staking Deal, Other Backers Ask “You Can Do That?”

January 21, 2020 |

Poker pro James Hopkins is being sued by his backers over a failed staking deal. The suit has caused other backers to ask “you can do that?”

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WSOP “Spare Change” Events To Offer Chance At Bracelet For Less Than $5

January 17, 2020 |

In its latest announcement of 2020 events, the WSOP is stirring up mixed reactions by offering “Spare Change” gold bracelet tourneys, allowing players the chance at a bracelet for less than the cost of a Big Mac.

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The Thirst Lounge Bracing For Phil Galfond Challenge Loss With The Downsizing Of Signature Boat

January 15, 2020 |

As the Thirst Lounge prepares for the Galfond Challenge, the 10-member team is trying not to dwell on their subpar performance against normal opponents.

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Mike Postle Negotiates Galfond Challenge Terms: Wants To Play Live, With Hats

January 13, 2020 |

Accused cheater Mike Postle is negotiating terms with Phil Galfond to participate in the Galfond Challenge. Postle’s primary stipulation? Hats.

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Men The Master Turns Life Around After Being Visited By The Ghost Of Eskimo Clark On Christmas Eve

December 26, 2019 |

In a Christmas Eve miracle, 7-time WSOP bracelet winner Men Nguyen found himself visited by the ghost of old poker-playing friend Eskimo Clark, who helped “The Master” learn a few life lessons and discover the true meaning of Christmas.

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Reflections On A Missing 8 – An Oral History Of The Great Misread Hand Of 2009

December 17, 2019 |

Some say it was just a standard hand of poker while others have notoriously dubbed it the “Great Misread Hand of 2009.” Regardless of how you feel about the “Hand Heard Around the World, the fact remains that some lives were never the same.

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Whining Poker Player On Bad Calls He Makes: “That’s Different”

November 29, 2019 |

A Houston poker player dubbed a “calling station” defends actions and refuses to apologize after complaining that his opponents never respect his raises.

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Book Review: No-Limit Hold’em For Advanced Players – For Tough Games By Matthew Janda, Or, Why I’m Too Stupid To Play Poker Anymore

November 4, 2019 |

I can’t even: A brutally honest personal review of Matthew Janda’s “No-Limit Hold’em For Advanced Players” and why I realize I might be too simple-minded to play poker in 2019.

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Mike Postle To Unveil Phone Carrier for Crotch-based Usage

October 24, 2019 |

Recognizing a huge void in the live streaming cheating market, Mike Postle is set to introduce the “Crotch Cradle” phone holder, which boasts effortless viewing of God-Mode software, minimizing stiff necks.

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