Online poker’s most scandal-plagued room is embarking on an unprecedented branding experiment.

Lock Poker is undertaking a complete overhaul that will see the room replace their name, logo and myriad other elements with a fully extended middle finger.

“We wanted an identity that spoke to exactly how we view our customers,” said Lock Poker CEO Jen Lawglum. “And we couldn’t think of a better way to do that than a firm, proud, right-in-your-face middle finger.”

Lock reportedly owes players in excess of $1 million in unpaid cashouts.

In addition to the brand name and logo, nearly all elements of Lock’s online poker room will be replaced with a middle finger, including:

  • Chips and cards, including card backs, shapes and rankings and images on the card face.
  • Graphical overlay elements such as the numbers used to display pot size and chip stacks.
  • And, of course, every single user interface element in the cashier.

An exclusive preview of the new Lock Poker:

New Lock Poker Table

A number of other branding themes were considered, according to Lawglum.

“We thought about an image of feces being flushed down a toilet, but realized players might not get that the feces represented them and not us,” said Lawglum.