“OK, here’s the thing. If you can’t spot the sucker who dropped out of law school right before graduating to pursue poker, then you are the sucker who dropped out of law school right before graduating to pursue poker.”

Those classic words were immortalized in the opening scene from the 1998 Miramax film Rounders, and for one native New Yorker they couldn’t ring truer.

Jason’s poker story

His name is Jason Overby and with a law degree, he might be making mid six-figures by now. Instead, he’s living out his dream of playing $1/$2 at Parx Casino in Bethlehem, PA.

“So the thing is, back in 2005 I had a great year online,” Overby explained. “I made something like $60,000 playing on Party and Ultimate Bet.

“And I looked around and asked myself why I was still taking classes like an idiot when I could just play poker full time and skip graduation altogether.”

So that’s what he did: rolled up a stake and headed to Vegas.

Taking on the pros

After playing the Main Event and a few other $10,000 tournaments, he headed right back to upstate New York to live with his parents.

“See what had happened was, one night they were playing $50-$100 No Limit Hold ‘Em at the Bellagio,” Overby reminisces.

“Well, I had about eight grand on me, so I sat down. And across from me there sat the legend himself, PHIL GORDON.

“Well, the third hand it folded to him on the button and he raised to $300. And I decided that I’m just gonna outplay this guy on this hand. And I moved all-in. He folded and it was then that I knew I could beat the best in the world.”

“After that I got pretty unlucky… several times. I remember calling my friend back east and telling him how I was about to risk my whole bankroll just to win $30,000.

“He was all like “bro, I make that in a week.” I told him yeah, but you never bluffed Phil Gordon. That shut him up.”

Jason’s poker achievements

Overby has several min-cashes in daily tournaments at Parx. He is currently looking forward to the $340 reimbursement check that he will get from UB.

He is also the proud owner of Tom McEvoy’s autographed weed whacker.

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