Poker player knew that is what you had

Reno, NV – Scientists the world over are all in a tizzy this week as news has begun surfacing that a clairvoyant has taken up residence in western Nevada. The visionary poker player in question is one Dennis Flerch, 55, who has demonstrated with remarkable 100% accuracy the ability to know what his opponents held immediately after they turn their cards over.

The news has sent literal shock waves through both the poker and scientific communities.

Opponents of Flerch “flabbergasted”

The hype began early this year during a $2-$6 spread limit poker game at 9 AM on Monday – or “action-hour” as it is known in those parts. During one particular hand, after being shown a set of tens on the river, Flerch stood from this chair and declared, “I KNEW that’s what you had.”

Needless to say, several players at the table were flabbergasted. Murmurs of “how did he know” and “this can’t be possible” and “my hips hurts” rippled throughout the poker room and the entire casino.

Legend began growing and lately the railbirds have lined up several rows deep to see Flerch make his proclamations.

Scientists search for answers

Oddly enough, Flerch only seems to know his opponents’ cards after he pays off a big bet on the river and loses. Could his powers somehow come from triggering the anger section of his brain? Perhaps his clairvoyance is directly proportional to money loss? These are the questions science must answer if we ever hope to discover the potential of Flerch’s awesome power.

Through his publicist, we were able to reach out to Dennis to hear just how he knew what his opponents were holding.

“Alright, for example, one hand, we were playing no limit and all ten players at the table limp in. The flop done came king-queen-seven with two hearts. So I went ahead and bet my two pairs and I got three callers. Well, the turn came the six of spade, and I done bet again. And this time only Walter and Nitty Nate called me. Well, sure enough that damn heart came up on the river. And ol’ Nitty Nate then fired out $100 into that pot. So I called cuz I still had two pairs and sure enough Nate shows the ace-seven of hearts. Unbelievable! I stood up and said ‘I knew you had those damn hearts!’

“Well, the audience cheered cuz they like a show, but it don’t make no difference. I hate getting drawed out on!”

Flerch has been making public appearances all summer and will undergo study and testing and Stanford later this year to see just what makes his mind so unique.

Afterwards, Flerch plans on heading back to Reno and playing more high stakes. And by that we mean $4/$8 Limit Hold ‘Em.

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